About Scout Coffee

How the Scout Coffee Adventure Began. 

Our family started roasting coffee beans over seven years ago. My Dad brought me 5lbs of green coffee beans that he had purchased at a market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. We knew absolutely nothing about roasting coffee. We spread the beans out on a cookie sheet and popped them in the oven. While this is a viable method for home roasting, you must first be aware that roasting coffee beans creates smoke…lots and lots of smoke. Needless to say our first attempt was unsuccessful and resulted in the frantic opening of every window we could find.

We finally decided to research other home methods and bought a hot air popcorn roaster at a second hand store. Thus began our love and quest for fresh roasted coffee.

We’ve come a long way from roasting on a hot air popcorn popper and are very excited to share this journey with you. Our greatest desire is to create excellent, hand-crafted, organically grown coffee for coffee lovers everywhere! Great pride is taken in our careful, meticulous process to bring you the very best beans, roasted to perfection.When we first decided to get started as a business, our family had an International Harvester Scout II. It was in great original condition. Retro, gray with pinstripes and a near mint leather interior. Our whole family loved that car. As much as we all loved the Scout, we made a family decision to sell her and purchase a roaster that could handle the demands of running a growing coffee business. So in honor of that sacrifice, we decided to call ourselves Scout Coffee.At Scout Coffee we are environmentally conscious and make decisions based on what’s best for the global “Us.” As a business we use as many compostable products as possible. At this point, almost all of our coffee is organic, and we use fair trade beans when possible. We believe it is important for our company to operate in a responsible context to the world as we exist within the world.

Like our name, we are taking new territories, scouting out new land and new adventures. Our short-term goal is to be the best specialty coffee roaster in Redding and Northern California. The area is in need of a specialty coffee roaster that is driven by superior quality and customer satisfaction. From our perspective, the sky is the limit. We continue to take a scout’s perspective. When we see new territory, we walk into it. This mentality always keeps us moving forward. So, please come along for the journey. We promise that it will be exciting, and there will always be great coffee!