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Colombia – Timbio Cauca


We couldn’t be more excited about this Colombian coffee from the Timbio Cauca growing region. This coffee is layered in complexities and flavor. It has a nice sweet chocolate body surrounded by more subtle hibiscus and honey notes. This coffee is full bodied and drinks sweet and syrupy.


Medium Roast, Wet Processed, Organically Grown, Whole Bean, Specialty Grade Coffee.

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Product Description

12oz, 340g

Additional Information

Weight 12 oz

Brewing Instructions

French Press

#1: Recommended water temperature should be 200° F.

#2: Weigh out 7 grams of coffee for every 6 ounce cup you’ll be brewing. Set your grinder to a Coarse Grind setting and grind your fresh roasted Scout Coffee.

#3: Pour the ground coffee directly into your french press.

#4: Pour the 200° F water over the ground coffee ensuring complete saturation of the ground coffee.

#5: Allow your coffee to steep for 4 minutes.

#6: Break the crust of the coffee that’s formed at the top of your brew. Do not stir…just break the crust so that the grinds begin to fall to the bottom of the french press.

#7: Insert the mesh filter plunger and slowly press the plunger down until it lightly bottoms out on the bed of ground coffee at the bottom of the french press.

-Enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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